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  • Uncertified Divers Welcome!
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1-Tank Discover Scuba – Koloa Landing

Quick Details

Non-certified / Student (DSD) Diver
Certified Diver

Discover Scuba Diving at Koloa Landing  – The Best Beginner Dive on the South Shore of Kauai

The Good Vibes Dive

Welcome to a relaxed, super chill dive session right here in Poipu. Grab your buddies, certified or not, we’re all about good vibes and cool dives.

 Dive Details

  • Diver Certification: This activity is open to both non-certified and certified divers, because we’re all divers at heart.
  • Experience Duration: About 3 hours, give or take, to immerse in the deep blue.
  • Age Bracket: Everyone aged 10 and above is welcome to the party!
  • Location: We’re diving in Poipu, where the waves are cool, and the vibes are cooler.
  • Who’s Invited? Non-certified divers can dive in, and certified diver friends or relatives can also join the fun.
  • Diving Gear: Equipment is totally on the house, no extra charges.

First-Timers Dive Requirements

Your Must-Dos

  • You need to be 10 years or older to join us.
  • Scuba diving needs some level of fitness and health. If you have chronic health conditions, certain medications, or recent surgery, you might need a doctor’s go-ahead. To avoid a bummer, check out the PADI Medical Questionnaire to confirm you won’t need a doc’s sign-off.
  • Every newbie diver must finish a 20 min PADI Online Registration and Orientation, called “Discover Scuba Dive eLearning”. This includes the Medical questionnaire and important info for your dive.
  • Remember, for your safety, don’t hit elevations above 1000′ within 18 hours after diving. This includes places like Waimea Canyon, Helicopter Tours, and Commercial Airline Flights. Keep this in mind when scheduling your dives, dude.

Look out for a specific link in your confirmation email after booking to start the “Discover Scuba Dive eLearning”.


Get ready to have an awesome time and remember, the ocean is our playground, so let’s respect it and each other. Happy diving!

Experience Scuba Diving at Koloa Landing

Welcome to Koloa Landing on the South Shore of Kauai! Here we offer a memorable diving experience for both certified divers and beginners alike.

PADI Discover Scuba for Beginners

The PADI Discover Scuba Dive is our introductory program for first-time divers. It’s a great opportunity to learn the basics and see if scuba diving is for you. It’s also perfect for visitors who may not have time for a full certification course. And who knows, you might even meet some Hawaiian Green Sea Turtles on the way!

Certified divers are welcome to join, but keep in mind this experience is designed for beginners. If you’re looking for a regular dive experience, you can opt for our “Certified Shore dives“.

Your Dive at Koloa Landing

Dive Details

The PADI Discover Scuba Dive takes place in the ocean at Koloa Landing. The maximum depth is 40 feet, but most of the experience will be at 30-35 feet. This program is available for ages 10 and up. Participants should be comfortable in open ocean waters and capable of basic swimming.

Please be aware that health conditions, certain medications, or recent surgery may require written approval from a physician before diving. Review the PADI Medical Questionnaire to check if you need a physician’s approval before booking. Also, all first-time divers must complete a 20 min PADI Online Registration and Orientation called “Discover Scuba Dive eLearning”.

At the Dive Site

Our PADI Professional Instructor will provide a detailed hands-on orientation and familiarize you with the gear. After gear up, you’ll enter the water, swim to our anchored float, and practice basic scuba skills.

Once you complete the skills session, you’re qualified to dive up to 40 feet under the supervision of our PADI Instructors. The entire experience from start to finish takes about 2.5-3 hours, and the actual dive lasts 20-40 minutes.

Koloa Landing Dive Site History

Koloa Landing, Kauai holds an incredible blend of natural beauty and historical richness. This former bustling seaport played a pivotal role in Kauai’s sugarcane industry during the 19th century, making it a haven for history buffs. Explorers would be intrigued to learn that it was the third-largest whaling port in all of Hawaii during the whaling boom. Today, the landing’s underwater remnants create a spectacular dive site, teeming with marine life, making it a memorable spot for travelers. As you share the breathtaking underwater views or the historical narratives linked to Koloa Landing, you’re sure to amaze your friends with this unique Hawaiian gem.

Included in the Dive

    • Lesson
    • Snacks & drinks
    • All rental gear

Ready for a diving adventure? We’re stoked to guide you. Happy diving!


Koloa Landing Dive Site

Find your way to our Dive site using this map