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Frequently Asked Questions

“Greatest” Dive Questions of All Time

These are real questions that our customers have asked…

Is this island surrounded by water?
Only at high tide.

Are those waterfalls in the mountains fresh water?
No… in fact giant life ending waves caused by an alien space craft are right at this moment pounding the other side of the island. What you are seeing is the small amount that has made it over the top and is trickling down this side. Aren’t you glad you didn’t go over to that side today?

If you go really deep, does your head explode?
Yes, and your hair falls out.

Do you live here?
No, I commute but I have to tell you… all that rowing is killing me.

Are you going SCUBA diving?
No… but I’ve found that if you buy a bunch of this scuba stuff and stand in the water until a really cute girl walks by on the beach, you can act like you’ve been scuba diving. It is easier to get a date. (The response: “Really?”)

What elevation are we at? (asked on a boat 2 miles offshore by a guy with his logbook.)
(Us) “How tall are you?” (Him) “6′ 1″” (Us) “OK… then your elevation is 7′ 4″” (Him) “Cool… Thanks!”

Have you ever been eaten by a shark?
Yeah but don’t worry… it grows back.

So, the boat dive is… uhhh… on a boat, right? How long will I be able to stay underwater?
boat, right? This one just happened (See, guys… I told you we would put you on our website!)

If I go diving, is my hair going to get wet?
Swear… it’s true.

“So, this is the Pacific Ocean?”
(Us) “Yeah, what do you think?” (Her) “Well, to tell you the truth, I thought it would be bigger”