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Kauai Weather and Live Cams


Tide Intensity Visualization

When it comes to Hawaii weather, we’ve got a mix of good news and not-so-good news. Let’s start with the good news – there are around 100 fantastic links to Hawaiian weather sites at your fingertips! Now, for the not-so-good news, well, hold onto your aloha spirit – no one… and we mean NO ONE… can truly predict the ever-changing weather in Hawaii!

But don’t fret, because living on an island means embracing the unpredictability and spontaneity of Mother Nature’s whims. While there may be some general weather trends, Hawaii’s climate is as diverse and dynamic as its breathtaking landscapes. Every day of the year presents a great chance of both showers and rainbows dancing across the skies.

So, whether you’re planning a day at the beach or a hike through lush valleys, always come prepared with a light rain jacket and a sun hat, because you never know what delightful surprises Hawaii’s weather has in store for you. Just remember, those rain showers might bring a double delight – a refreshing downpour followed by a stunning rainbow arching across the horizon.

In the end, it’s this very unpredictability that adds to the magic of the Hawaiian experience. Embrace the island’s ever-changing weather, and you’ll find yourself falling in love with each fleeting moment, creating memories as unique as the islands themselves. So, go ahead, dance in the rain, and chase those rainbows – you’re in Hawaii, where the weather may be mercurial, but the spirit of aloha always shines through!

South Shore, Kauai

Live View of Koloa
Poipu: Brennecke’s Beach Cottage

Nii hau, Hawaii

Live View of Lihue
Niumalu: Kalapaki Beach HD – Kauai Marriott Resort

North Shore, Kauai

Live View of Hanapepe

Fathom Five Weather Guide

The people that live here just kinda go with the flow. Every day Mother Nature sends whatever she feels like to the islands and every single day, it’s different. One day it’s beautiful and sunny… the next day, cloudy and rainy (a PERFECT day to be underwater!). We even have rain and sun at the same time (hence the many rainbows) so to help you cope with the massive diversity of Hawaiian weather, we have developed the Fathom Five Weather Guide for persons visiting the islands.

  1. Plan on getting a little wet
    Standard weather here is windward and mountain showers with east-northeast winds 10 to 20 mph. What that means is that any given time, you might get rained on.
  2. Plan on getting a lot wet
    Although the island can be clear and bright, there are squalls that move through and can soak the heck out of you (take an extra towel to the pool to build a temporary tent). The good news is they pass very quickly and cool you off without the need for a spray bottle.
  3. Never believe anyone when they tell you what the weather is going to do
    Most locals that have lived here their entire lives don’t know (and, to tell you the truth, don’t care… they’re used to it this way). However, there are some people that think they can tell what the weather is going to do just by looking at the clouds (of course, these are the same guys that see auras and talk to themselves A LOT). The fact is… we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and anything goes.
  4. Don’t let it get to you and be versatile
    Just remember that if it is raining on the north shore, it’s probably clear and sunny on the south and vice-versa. Additionally, the rain forests in the mountains are beautiful when it’s raining (gee, I guess that’s why they call them rain forests). For some great hikes on those wet days (and believe me… they are breathtaking) check out the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook by Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman… this is a ” must have ” if you are planning on visiting Kauai.
Blonde dive instructor floating near an orange buoy at Koloa Landing, Kauai, Hawaii.

Unraveling the Weather of Kauai: A Tale of Contrasts and Seasons

Two sea turtles nestled in a coral reef in Kauai, Hawaii

Two sea turtles find sanctuary within a vibrant coral reef in Kauai, Hawaii,

Some Travel points to consider

Aloha, fellow adventurers! Welcome to the paradise island of Kauai, where the weather dances with the rhythm of the ocean waves. As you plan your visit to this enchanting Hawaiian gem, understanding the weather patterns is crucial for making the most of your island experience. Kauai’s unique geography and diverse microclimates create a tapestry of weather conditions that vary between the north-east and south sides of the island and shift with the changing seasons. Join us as we unravel the tale of contrasts and seasons that shape the weather of Kauai.

North-East Side – Lush Greenery and Refreshing Showers

Embrace the Beauty of Hanalei and Princeville

The north-east side of Kauai, including areas like Hanalei and Princeville, is renowned for its lush greenery, majestic waterfalls, and awe-inspiring mountain views. The weather here is characterized by more frequent and refreshing showers, which keep the landscape vibrant and the air cool and invigorating. The intermittent rains paint rainbows across the sky, offering breathtaking moments of natural beauty. It’s a paradise for nature lovers and those seeking to connect with the island’s verdant landscapes. The north-east side experiences more rain during the winter months, typically from November to March, making it an ideal time to witness the island in its full green splendor.

South Side – Sun-Kissed Beaches and Tranquil Days

Discover the Beauty of Poipu and Waimea

The south side of Kauai, including areas like Poipu and Waimea, presents a striking contrast to the north-east side. Here, you’ll find sun-kissed beaches, gentle trade winds, and a drier climate. The south side is known for its beautiful resorts and tranquil days spent basking in the sun on pristine shores. The weather on the south side is generally sunnier and more stable, providing ideal conditions for beach activities and outdoor adventures. The south side tends to receive less rainfall throughout the year, making it a popular destination for visitors seeking consistent warm and sunny weather.

a man standing next to a body of water

Our boat Captain Sergio bringing the aloha

Seasons – Embrace the Island’s Natural Rhythms


Spring (March to May)

During spring, Kauai awakens with new life and fresh blooms. The temperatures are pleasant, and the island is a tapestry of vibrant colors. Spring is an excellent time to explore both the north-east and south sides of Kauai, as the weather is generally mild and welcoming.

Summer (June to August)

Summer brings warmer temperatures to the island, and the ocean beckons with its crystal-clear waters. The south side enjoys sunnier days, making it an ideal time for beach lovers and water activities. Meanwhile, the north-east side still experiences refreshing showers, keeping the landscape lush and verdant.

Fall (September to November)

Fall brings a sense of tranquility to Kauai. The crowds thin, and the island settles into a peaceful rhythm. The weather remains pleasant, with intermittent showers on the north-east side adding a touch of magic to the landscape. Fall is a great time to experience a more intimate connection with the island’s natural beauty.

Winter (December to February)

Winter on Kauai brings the peak of the rainy season, especially on the north-east side. Despite the rains, the island remains enchanting, with waterfalls flowing in full force and the greenery flourishing. The south side experiences milder weather, providing a warm retreat during the colder months.

Embrace Kauai’s Weather, Embrace the Spirit of Aloha

As you venture to Kauai, embrace the island’s diverse weather and the spirit of aloha that permeates every moment. Whether you find yourself immersed in the lush beauty of the north-east side or basking in the sun on the tranquil south side, Kauai will captivate your heart. Allow the weather to guide your adventures and experiences, as each day unfolds like a delightful surprise, revealing the many facets of this tropical paradise.