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Kauai Scuba Diving & Niihau Boat Dives

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Welcome to the undersea world of Fathom Five Divers, your premier Kauai SCUBA diving facility located on the beautiful Garden island of Kauai! Listed as the best scuba dive shop for beginners in the Kauai Ultimate Guidebook, our Dive Shop has been serving scuba enthusiasts for 25 years providing all the equipment and certification you need for a safe and enjoyable diving experience. We also rent gear for you, providing some helpful thoughts before exploring places like Anini Beach. Come down to the dive shop and check us out and while you are here join us for a coffee and smile …

Why go Scuba Diving in Kauai?

The lush, green island of Kauai and the remote, pristine island of Niihau make an enchanting backdrop to our more than 30 dive Sites teeming with marine life, sea turtles, whales, and dolphins. Among the dive sites, we also visit the amazing Sheraton Caverns and Koloa Landing. The warm waters of Kauai and Nii hau are blessed with rich marine life, sea mammals, and unusual ledges, arches, pinnacles, and caverns. Hawaii is a great place to observe fish with over 25% of the species being endemic — that is they occur nowhere else on the planet! A few of these endemic species, such as the Bandit Angelfish, occur more frequently on Kauai than on the other Hawaiian islands, a must-see for any diver visiting Kauai.

Why diving Niihau is on every Divers bucket list?

With limited access, Niihau is an Eden underwater. Places like Keyhole at Lehua add to its beauty, and its distance from Kauai’s ports makes it the most western scuba dive location in the USA.

What to expect when diving The North Shore Tunnels Reef?

The North Shore Tunnels Reef, open to the public, is an intimate and exclusive location as very few dive shops have permits to dive here and we are one of them. It’s an incredible opportunity to explore the underwater beauty of Kauai in a special, less crowded setting.

Why dive with Fathom Five?

Fathom Five is located just minutes from the most spectacular South shore diving on Kauai. We pride ourselves on our PADI 5 Star rating and our team of experienced and certified instructors are dedicated to making sure your dive experience is safe, enjoyable, and unforgettable.

What if you’re just here on vacation and don’t have time to become SCUBA certified in Kauai?

We offer a great solution for you – Discover Scuba. This program is led by our certified instructors with thousands of hours of experience, who will guide you through the basics of diving and make sure that you have a safe and enjoyable experience. With Discover Scuba, you’ll be able to dive in no time, and you’ll have a chance to discover the amazing underwater world of Kauai.

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Watch some of the content our customers have created while visiting Fathom Five to dive kauai.

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Read what people say about Fathom Five

Great dive company!

Great dive company for those looking to charter a private boat of 6 or less! We had a few scuba divers, a few snorkelers, and some just for the ride. Great boat master and dive master!! The front desk staff was also great!

– Connor Joyce, Google Reviews
Great dives in Kauai

We went diving (2 tank dive) with Linda and captain (can't remember her name sorry). Both were excellent and took us to great spots. Linda would write on her under water pad what it was that she was pointing to, which helped me and my group immensely.

– TRA, TripAdvisor

My husband and I did a dive at Tunnels with Shaun this past week. We are fairly novice- having around 8 dives in our log- and felt completely at ease in his hands. He was incredibly experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and made the dives a lot of fun. This particular dive is really unique with lots of swim through’s- some tight- and overheads. Not a lot of wildlife- mostly a terrain dive. But totally worth doing!

– Melissa Zaremba, Google Reviews
Great dive with a great crew

We had an awesome 2-tank dive with Fathom Five this past December, the team is highly knowledgeable and professional while also being laid back, we will definitely dive with them again!

– Karly B., TripAdvisor
Amazing crew!

Amazing diving with Jordan and Janice. Very well cared for. Small group, best pre-dive briefing I’ve heard. Jordan is a never ending source of cool facts about the fauna/flora we encounter. Great overall experience throughout even when doing quite challenging diving in South Kauai! Thanks guys!

– Maximr, TripAdvisor
Fantastic Fathom Five experience

Fantastic dive with Lonnie and Captain Jessica. We dove the Sheraton caves and the Harbor Ledges in great condition with great visibility. Lonnie did a great job, pointing out a variety of different sea life, including finding us a pretty decent size octopus. I highly recommend taking a scuba trip with Fathom Five.

– Randy, TripAdvisor
Fabulous Dec dive

Awesome two tank shore dive with Reid. Saw lots of sleeping turtles. A beautiful dragon moray eel and hiding octopus!! Very professional staff and excellent communication. Answered all my questions before I arrived in Hawaii regarding rental equipment. Really took their time on the phone with me. Highly recommend.

– Nacjolly, TripAdvisor
Best dives on Kauai

Linda was the most amazing dive master ever. Our group of three has about 80 dives and we all said she was the most knowledgeable, coolest, best dive master. I would come back to Kauai just to dive with her.

– Darren R., TripAdvisor