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Certified Boat Dives

Certified Boat Dives in Kauai

We never mix our groups which means if you’re certified, you’ll only dive with other certified divers. Because we have a fleet of boats, we can cater to both advanced and rusty divers (rusty divers get a free can of WD-40). Experience a more personalized and enjoyable dive with our small group sizes. Our boat dives are limited to just 6 people, so you can experience the underwater world in an exclusive and intimate setting.

Boat Dives Include:

  • We supply Dive Computers at no extra charge
  • We welcome your input on the dive sites you would like to visit, however, due to variable conditions, we cannot always guarantee access to every site. While we strive to accommodate customer preferences, there may be times when certain sites are not feasible.
  • Unless you ask, we wont dive you more than once at any site
  • We will rinse and store all your gear in a secure locker for your next day of diving

    Boat Dive Footage Provided by our customers

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From $185

Our custom-built boats were built specifically for Hawaiian waters! Our small groups ensure maximum fun and intimacy with a limit of 6 people on the boat. This gives every diver the attention they need to feel safe and have fun! We frequent 20 dive sites up to 15 minutes from the boat harbor making a 2-tank boat dive a half-day trip.