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Kauai Diving Charters

Dive in and explore Kauai’s undersea beauty with our Certified Boat Dives.

When you dive with us, you’re in good company – you’ll only be with other certified divers, as we don’t mix our groups. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just knocking the rust off, we got you covered (and yes, we even have a free can of WD-40 for the rusty ones). With our intimate group sizes – no more than six divers to a boat – we promise a personalized experience that you won’t forget.

Here’s what to expect from our boat dives:

– Dive computers? We got them, and we lend them at no extra charge.

– You say it, we dive it – you’re welcome to suggest dive sites. But remember, Mother Nature has her mood swings, so we can’t guarantee every site. We’ll always strive to make it happen if we can, though. Our captains are the experts of these seas and we will always trust their word as the final say.

– Variety is the spice of life – unless you request otherwise, we won’t take you to the same site more than once.

– Leave the post-dive cleanup to us – we’ll rinse and stash your gear safely in a locker for your next day of diving.

Ready to explore? Have a look at some of the dive sites we love to frequent.

Now, let’s talk about our crew. Our Fathom Five Divers team is one of the most seasoned in these waters, ready to guide you to the best spots and ensure a safe and unforgettable dive. Among us, we even have one of the most prestigious captains in Kauai – the first female boat captain from the 1970s. She has not only charted the waters but also our team, sharing her knowledge and passion with each of us.

Diving off a boat is an incredible adventure. It opens up the beauty of the deep waters and the unique marine life of Kauai. Come join us for a boat dive – we promise you an experience that’s truly special!”


water next to the ocean

    Boat Dive Footage Provided by our customers

Boat Dive Frequently Asked Questions