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2-Tank Boat Dive

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2 Tank Boat Dive in Kauai

Our boats were built in Hawaii specifically for Hawaiian waters. Our small groups ensure maximum fun and intimacy with a limit of 6 people on the boat. This enables us to give every diver the attention they need to feel safe and have fun!

We never mix our groups. This means if you’re certified, you’ll only dive with other certified divers. Because we have two boats, we can cater to both advanced and rusty divers (rusty divers get a free can of WD-40). We frequent 20 different dive sites only up to 15 minutes from the boat harbor making a 2-tank boat dive a half-day trip! Sometimes conditions do not permit access to all sites, Input from customers is always welcomed but not always is able to satisfy.

First dive from 65’ to 95’, second dive from 30’ to 60’.

water next to the ocean