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Tunnels Beach 2-tank Shore Dive

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Cert. Diver

A 2-tank Tunnels Beach shore dive

2 tank guided shore dive at one of Kauai’s most treasured and unique North shore locations. Tunnels on the North shore of Kauai offers amazing lava tubes, incredible sea life and an awesome dive opportunity. This is an excellent way to get up close and personal with some of Kauai’s favorite animals and see some of it’s famed under sea topography. Includes an orientation with an ecology briefing describing the animals eco systems and behavioral patterns and an academic review discussing safety procedures, gear, hand signals, etc.

Tunnels features a 25 foot to 70 foot dive experience rich with life and filled with creatures not easily found anywhere else. Don’t miss this opportunity to dive an amazing reef and Kauai’s famed lava tubes and caverns. Our instructors take care of all the heavy lifting and get you a safe, fun and exciting dive.

Map of Tunnels Beach Dive site

Use this map to prepare for a dive at tunnels beach