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Women Leaders in Marine Jobs at Kauai: Navigating Uncharted Waters

Women Leaders in Marine Jobs at Kauai: Navigating Uncharted Waters

At Fathom Five, we believe in the power of diversity, knowledge, and experience. It’s no surprise then, that we’re home to some of Kauai’s most formidable women in marine roles. From leading dives and charting unknown territories to producing impactful underwater content and educating the global audience about marine life, they’re at the heart of our operations.

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Linda Marsh: Boat Captain and Marine Cartographer

Linda Marsh is a trailblazer. The first female boat captain in Kauai, she’s a living testament to what dedication and passion can achieve. With thousands of hours in Hawaiian waters, Linda has charted most of the major dive sites in Kauai, pioneering underwater exploration for our team

 and many others.

Her work extends beyond charting courses and leading expeditions. As a Dive Master and instructor at Fathom Five, Linda passes her wisdom to the next generation of divers. She’s not just teaching techniques, but the respect and love for the ocean that have defined her career. Linda’s also an accomplished voyager and a marine cartographer, plotting nautical charts that guide countless voyages.

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Sarah Stafford: Underwater Cinematographer and Dive Master

Sarah Stafford wears many hats at Fathom Five. As an underwater cinematographer, she captures the stunning beauty of Kauai’s marine life, bringing it to life for our marketing team and the world. Her exceptional work enables anyone watching her content to dive into the deep and explore the unseen beauty beneath Kauai’s crystal-clear waters.

With her education in Cozumel and training in Portland, Sarah also serves as a Dive Master. Her wealth of experience adds a unique dimension to our operations, making every dive an unforgettable journey. When she’s not leading dives, she’s part of our shop staff, greeting customers with a warm smile, and giving them their first taste of the island’s charm.

Emily Broderick: Marine Biologist and Educator

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Although not officially part of our team, Emily Broderick’s contribution to Fathom Five is indispensable. A marine biologist professor at Kauai Community College, Emily brings an academic perspective to our operations.


Through our collaboration, Emily helps us create educational content about marine life for a global audience. Her insights into marine identification and her ability to interpret potential changes in our oceans facilitate a deeper conversation about the health of the oceans. Emily’s role as an educator at Fathom Five emphasizes our commitment to becoming better stewards of our marine environment.