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Fathom Five Blog | Your Ultimate Guide To Scuba In Kauai

Dive Guide

Exploring the Depths of Kauai: The Enigmatic Cephalopholis argus – Peacock Hind

Dive into the mesmerizing waters of Kauai, and you’re likely to encounter an array of vibrant and captivating marine life. Among these, the Cephalopholis argus stands out for its striking appearance and fascinating behavior. Known by several names – the Peacock Hind, Roi, Bluespotted Grouper, and Celestial Grouper – this fish is a testament to…

Discovering the Depths with Noah Blair: A Dive into Passion and Preservation

In the serene and vibrant landscapes of Kauai, Hawaii, where the ocean’s heartbeat merges with the rhythm of island life, Noah Blair has found his calling beneath the waves. A culinary artist turned dive master, Noah’s journey into the depths of the ocean is as fascinating as the sea life he encounters. His unique story,…