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Regarding Hawaii weather, we have good news and bad news… The good news is that there are about 100 links to great Hawaiian weather sites. The bad news is that no one… and we mean NO ONE… knows about the weather in Hawaii.

Fathom Five Weather Guide

The people that live here just kinda go with the flow. Every day Mother Nature sends whatever she feels like to the islands and every single day, it’s different. One day it’s beautiful and sunny… the next day, cloudy and rainy (a PERFECT day to be underwater!). We even have rain and sun at the same time (hence the many rainbows) so to help you cope with the massive diversity of Hawaiian weather, we have developed the Fathom Five Weather Guide for persons visiting the islands.

1. Plan on getting a little wet
Standard weather here is windward and mountain showers with east-northeast winds 10 to 20 mph. What that means is that any given time, you might get rained on.

2. Plan on getting a lot wet
Although the island can be clear and bright, there are squalls that move through and can soak the heck out of you (take an extra towel to the pool to build a temporary tent). The good news is they pass very quickly and cool you off without the need for a spray bottle.

3. Never believe anyone when they tell you what the weather is going to do
Most locals that have lived here their entire lives don’t know (and, to tell you the truth, don’t care… they’re used to it this way). However, there are some people that think they can tell what the weather is going to do just by looking at the clouds (of course, these are the same guys that see auras and talk to themselves A LOT). The fact is… we are in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and anything goes.

4. Don’t let it get to you and be versatile
Just remember that if it is raining on the north shore, it’s probably clear and sunny on the south and vice-versa. Additionally, the rain forests in the mountains are beautiful when it’s raining (gee, I guess that’s why they call them rain forests). For some great hikes on those wet days (and believe me… they are breathtaking) check out the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook by Andrew Doughty and Harriet Friedman… this is a ” must have ” if you are planning on visiting Kauai.