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The Power of Snorkels and Aqua Lung’s Excellence :Conserve, Observe, Dive

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Beginner diver getting ready

Conserve, Observe, Dive: The Power of Snorkels and Aqua Lung’s Excellence

Snorkeling is not just a fascinating pastime, but a critical tool in the scuba diving world. It saves energy, conserves precious air, and enhances safety during surface intervals and returns to the boat. A quality snorkel is instrumental, and one brand stands out in terms of trust, reliability, and performance: Aqua Lung.

Snorkels and Scuba Diving: The Energy-saving Duo

Post-dive, while your tank reserves might be running low, your adventure doesn’t have to end. Switching to your snorkel on the surface conserves your remaining tank air, and snorkeling back to the boat is far less energy-intensive than swimming. In this way, snorkeling serves as a continuation of your dive, an added bonus, allowing you to prolong your interaction with the underwater world while ensuring your safety and efficiency.

The Fathom Five Difference

At Fathom Five Divers, we are committed to ensuring our divers have the best quality gear. We understand that good gear contributes significantly to a safe and satisfying dive experience, and that’s why our rental gear is carefully chosen from top-tier brands like Aqua Lung. Our snorkels are no exception. Whether you’re embarking on a shore dive or joining us for a boat excursion, we make sure you’re equipped with comfortable, reliable snorkels that enhance your dive experience.

Why Aqua Lung Snorkels Stand Out

Aqua Lung snorkels blend the perfect combination of comfort, durability, and innovation. With over 75 years in the industry, Aqua Lung has honed their products to offer top-notch performance. From ergonomic designs and high-quality materials to features catering to snorkelers and divers of all levels, Aqua Lung snorkels make your underwater exploration a seamless experience.


Snorkeling is an integral part of the diving journey, not just an add-on. It adds a different perspective to the dive, conserves energy, and offers safety benefits. At Fathom Five Divers, we understand this well and ensure our customers get the best – including top-of-the-line Aqua Lung snorkels for all our shore and boat excursions. Dive in and breathe easy – we’ve got you covered.