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Three Fingers

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 25 to 75 feet
Wildlife: Blue stripped grunts, Surgeon fish, Turtle, Dragon Morays, conch

Located about 100 feet outside of the harbor this site is a favorite with our crew. Three fingers of lava form the dive site thus the name (we tell customers that the site was named in memory of “Fred the eel petter” but that’s not the truth). A very gentle site this place has a little something for everyone. Schools of Surgeon fish and Blue striped grunts make this a very fishy spots with turtles and conch adding to the aura. Len swears he knows where Bi-colored Antheus are (but no one else has ever seen them)Shallow depths and very little current make three fingers a great site for beginners. The only down side is that the south swells can lower visibility quite a bit but most days 60′ to 100′ are the norm.