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Sheraton Caverns

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 35 to 70 feet
Wildlife: Lots of turtles, and everything else that lives in the ocean

Sheraton Caverns has got the most popular boat diving site on Kauai. Located about 400 yards off the Sheraton Kauai ( go figure that one) this site offers something for everyone. Three partial lava tubes make of the majority of this spot with lots of nooks and crannies for the critters to hide in. Archways and partial overhangs give this site some of the most spectacular scenery found underwater. Everything from Frogfish to Black Coral lives on this site, with Sea Turtles being so prominent that we don’t call them Turtles but A.F.T.’s (Another Freaking Turtle). Because this site has been used for so many years the fish here just think of us as one of the school. Most of them don’t even blink an eye when we swim by (do fish have eyelids?) and a few wont move ( you have to ask nicely). So if you ever wanted to swim in an aquarium this is the spot, Sheraton Caverns is Xanadu. Just let us know you want to dive here when you book your reservation and we will make sure to put it on the request