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Fast Lanes

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 45 to 90 feet
Wildlife: Black coral, Boar fish, White tip reef sharks, Conch and turtles

This site is basically two lava fingers that run parallel to each other perpendicular to the shore. The name comes from a dive done with a couple of old timers who were fishing here. They were having a grand old time when a couple of grey reef sharks came down right through the lane between the fingers. As they seemed to be traveling rather fast the guys thought “hey this must be the fast lane”! (Hey! Come on! There is no way we could make that story up.) The name stuck and the site has been used ever since Depth ranges from about 45 feet on the upper reef to well over 90 on the outside of the lane. A very large black coral bush reside on the west finger and the rare long nose hawk fish lives in the bush. Reef sharks sleep here along with turtles and eels. The only thing we haven’t seen her is… well now that we think about it we’ve seen everything here!!! Good deep dive for beginners and a great dive for advance divers.