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Brennekes Ledge

Rating: Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 60 to 100 feet
Wildlife: Everything. We’ve seen humpbacks whales, Grey reef sharks, Black coral, Knife Jaws, Giant tuna and all the small stuff.

Brennekes Ledge is located at the east end of the south side dive sites. With its location so close to the point the currents here can rip. Mostly done as a drift, this site is one of the best there is on Kauai. Starting at around 60 feet the ledge drops off and turns into a overhang about 15 feet farther down. The overhang offers a large place for a lot of critters to hide and hunt. The only down side to this site is (once again) the currents. Because of the proximity to a point of land that compresses the current this site can be flat clam one minute and a ripping torrent the next. That’s why we mostly do it as a drift. Not for the squeamish or faint of heart this site should be requested only after you feel comfortable in the water.