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Ahukini Landing (East Shore)

Rating: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 20 to 30 feet inside, up to 90 feet on the outside
Wildlife: Dolphin and sting rays are common along with lobster and frog fish. We even have cleaner shrimp here

Good for first timers and a great advance dive. But this site needs a guide that knows the spot. At night the reef is hard to navigate Located by Lihue airport, Ahukini is one of those sites that offers a wide diversity of environments. Popular as a shore fishing location, this site is only safe during times of light trades or south winds. Maximum depth can exceed 90 feet (if you don’t mind holding your breath on the way back) but the average is 25 to 50 feet. On the inside is a dredged out harbor that has a thick mud bottom where the brown sting ray is a common (and beautiful) sight. On the outside of the channel, large schools of spotted eagle rays (we’ve counted 25 at one time) fly in formation over the sand. Another aspect to this site is the ammunition that can be seen here. It seems that at the end of world war 2 there was a lot of unused ammo dumped of the ships that were anchored here. over the years some of it has been washed into shallow water where divers can see it rolling on the bottom. One word of caution though. This stuff is still live so look but don’t touch. Low visibility and lots of fishing wire. Make sure you have a knife as this is a very popular fishing spot at night. If there are guys fishing say hi and stay away from their lines or you might end up on a kitchen table.