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Kauai Dives for FREE!

Why wait? Stop by the shop and join today!

Dive for FREE? "No can!" No really, its true! OK, it is not completely free. But it is the best diving deal and best kama'aina rate you will see anywhere! Imagine, a two-tank boat dive, and you only pay for air! This is the deal you get when you join "KDF", Fathom Five's exclusive diving club!

You must be a resident of Kauai for a year, and there is a small annual fee. But do just 2 dives in the year and the club fee pays for itself! When diving on "standby" KDF members can join us on our daily two-tank boat dives for the cost of two tank air fills. In addition KDF members get additional discounts, invitations to KDF club parties, and discounts on select dives and special events like dive trips to neighboring islands.

Contact the shop for more details