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General Store

Rating: Intermediate, Advanced
Depth: 65 to 100 feet
Wildlife: Black coral, Lemon butterfly fish, Helmet Conch, Octopus and Turtles are just some of the stuff we see here

Named for the plentiful fish selection (get it “General Store”). This site is also the resting place of the wreck of the “Pele” a freighter that sank here in the late 1800’s. Now before you start drooling and going “Wreck Dive Hee hee hee” there isn’t much of the old girl left. Just her boiler, some hull plates and a couple of anchors (that and the 500 pounds of gold they had hidden on her but never found.) (Just Kidding.) A horseshoe shaped inlet with small lava tubes on either side gives this site lots of places for the fish to hide and because of it location in deeper waters (90 foot plus on the outside) there always a good chance for the big stuff to move through (Dolphins are seen here lots). Currents here can get a little rough but with the inlet there always a place to “duck and hide” if they get out of hand. Sometimes done as a drift dive depending on the divers and the currents. All things considered a medium to advance diver location.